About You

Your Body, Mind and Spirit are equipped to cope with a certain amount of daily stress and anxiety, which might just be the catalysts that push you to get things done.  Prolonged and unresolved stress and pain, however, can throw your body, mind and Spirit out of sync and cause you to become fazed, over-anxious and overwhelmed.  Any Imbalances left untreated will invariably manifest themselves in some sort of mental, physical and/or emotional trauma.

Finding the root causes or triggers of your stress and/or pain, whether mental, physical and/or emotional is fundamental to a good recovery.  Some of these are:

  • Bad Posture
  • A Sedentary Life Style
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • An Accident or Sport Injury
  • Work Pressures
  • A Bad Life Experience (such as bereavement) or Being a Witness to Something Unpleasant.

Check List

Are these states just too familiar?

♦  Muscular & Mental Fatigue
♦  Stress & Anxiety
♦  Lack of Focus

♦  Pain / Stiffness
♦  Low Energy
♦  Low Mood
♦  Irritability
♦  Tension Headaches
♦   Disturbed Sleep

Are any of these conditions just too persistent?

♦  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
♦  Neck Tension or Pain
♦  Headaches or Migraines

♦  Hormone Imbalances
♦  Backache or Sciatica
♦  Depression
♦  ME or Chronic Fatigue
♦  Digestive Problems
♦  Water Retention
♦  Muscular Traumas due to Injuries
♦  Fibromyalgia
♦  Joint Pain / Arthritis
♦  Poor Circulation
♦  RSI
♦  Mastitis
♦  Asthma and other Respiratory Conditions 
♦ Insomnia

Would you like to experience treatment that could:

♦   Tone and Relax Muscles
♦  Increase Joint Mobility
♦  Improve your Circulatory Systems

 ♦  Encourage Lymphatic Drainage
♦  Calm and Improve your Digestive System
♦  Aid the Dispersal of Toxins

 ♦  Help Regulate Blood Pressure
♦  Address and Prevent Sport Injuries 
♦  Calm your Mind and Uplift Your Mood
♦  Rebalance and Increase your Energies
♦  Relax and Regulate your Neurological system
♦  Reduce Stress levels

♦  Enhance Body Strength and Flexibility
♦  Strengthen your Immune System
♦  Improve Body Posture

♦  Improve your Sleep Pattern
♦  Re-kindle your Body’s Natural Healing Capability
♦  Increase Mental Clarity


You are a unique individual and so I use an eclectic approach
to devise a treatment plan tailored to your own particular needs.